e27 Webinar: Work-from-home or work-from-office, which is better?

April 16, 2020

The latest e27 Webinar on 'How to manage remote teams' is your masterkey to the compulsive WFH transition in this lockdown.

Storehub’s cofounder and the team were extremely excited to move into their new, swanky office. And just when they did, the COVID-19 lockdown struck Malaysia. Unfortunately for the Storehub team, the much-awaited new office suddenly became a make-shift desk at home.

The COVID-19 mayhem not only forced their team –spread in four countries– to transition from work-from-office (WFO) to work-from-home (WFH) but also instantly pushed them all into a war zone. The team launched a new feature from their own respective homes, Co-Founder Wai Hong asserted on the e27 Webinar: How to manage remote teams last week.

The global pandemic is intensifying each day and while businesses adapt to WFH setup, the worry of an economy driving towards recession lurks on. This is no less than a war zone kind of a situation for most, especially for companies that were fully working from an office.

At such times, it is even more important for managers and founders to keep their employee morale high and keep the ball rolling. WFH sure comes with its perks. One can save even the few minutes to go from one meeting to another when doing so virtually, spend time with family and take afternoon naps.

But the homely comfort also runs the risk of working all day and forgetting to take a break. Lack of social interaction with colleagues also affects productivity levels (after all, we miss those casual watercooler moments) and disturbs trust and credibility amongst team members.

Decode what is better with Sean Liao, CEO and Founder of Imaginato and Wai Hong, Chieftain and Cofounder of StoreHub in this webinar re-telecast and make the most of their remote work tips and business best practices to help your teams stay connected and coordinated.

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