Pocketplan app launches to offer last-minute event discovery in Cape Town

March 5, 2014

Pocketplan app launches to offer last-minute event discovery in Cape TownBy @cityliferblog on March 5, 2014Pocketplan, a mobile app that aims to change the way people go out, is officially integrating itself into Cape Town’s social scene. Starting from this year’s Ramfest (6th – 9th March), users can browse a handpicked list of events and purchase tickets directly through their mobile phone.Alessandro Petrucciani, CEO of Pocketplan, explains and elaborates on the foundation of the company, “I found myself hanging out at the same few spots in town; feeling like my nights out could be more. My friends were solely into nightlife, so I tried using all kinds of lifestyle magazines and blogs as guidance to branch out. The problem was, they lack a quality standard and embellish event descriptions. I was never sure if an event was actually going to be great and also had some pretty bland experiences. Eventually, some events even required me to make a long detour to collect my ticket. I started Pocketplan because it was exactly what I was looking for: a convenient answer to every day’s question of what’s happening tonight?“Screenshot01Pocketplan offers a selective number of events happening every day, including everything from live music and comedy shows to peculiar exhibitions and the occasional street magic show. The focus is entirely on last-minute inspirations, listing only events that will happen on the evening of the current day as well as those happening 72 hours from the day.“People don’t plan ahead these days. Everyone’s too busy and because of their hectic schedules, they’d rather avoid making commitments prior to the time,” explains Petrucciani, “but if we know an event will sell out long before, we’ll make sure to allocate tickets in advance so our users aren’t left out.”Screenshot04Pocketplan’s team is comprised of a number of curators, each of who is allocated a specific field in the entertainment industry based on their background. This maintains the company’s quality standards of the suggested events.Candice Heyns, Pocketplan’s nightlife curator and professional DJ, explains, “We focus on our users first, and only list events that will make a difference to them. My own insights into Cape Town’s music scene allow me to understand if a certain festival is something I want to recommend.”The Pocketplan app comes with an integrated ticketing function, which allows users to purchase tickets with only two taps and simply show their phone at the door. Without the need to print or collect tickets, going out becomes more seamless.The team has already secured partnerships with various well-established venues and event organisers prior to its launch, including SEED Experiences (Rocking the Daisies), Galileo Open-Air Cinema, Make-Believe, The Assembly, Endler Concert Hall and The Rosebank Theatre.Despite its young age, the team plans to expand further within the year, soon live in Johannesburg and later in Bogotá, Colombia. The team already has plans mapped out for the remainder of 2014, one of which is to integrate exclusive car services for an all-around packaged Pocketplan experience.“There is also talk of some very interesting personalities to join the curator board,” says Petrucciani, “and we’re looking at some pretty cool pop-up events that will run exclusively on our platform, including a flash mob and a secret concert.”About Pocketplan South AfricaPocketplan was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in The Woodstock Exchange, a hub for young emerging businesses in Cape Town. The company currently employs 20 people in South Africa.Website: www.pocketplan.co.zaiOS App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pocketplan-cape-town-your/id799522217?mt=8Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.pocketplan.app&hl=enFacebook: Pocketplan Cape Town https://www.facebook.com/pocketplan.cptTwitter: @Pocketplan_CPT https://twitter.com/pocketplan_CPT- See more at: http://www.citylifer.co.za/2014/03/05/pocketplan-app-launches-offer-last-minute-event-discovery-cape-town/#sthash.LMd5nkcQ.dpufSource: Citylifer