ServisHero introduces ServisHero Direct.

April 24, 2017
  • Instant booking and payment will be available for some of the more popular services
  • Allows customers make cashless payments for the jobs they book straightaway

LAUNCHED in June of 2015, ServisHero is an online service marketplace that connects users with service providers.

Primarily dealing with household professionals such as cleaners, AC servicing professionals, plumbers and handymen, ServisHero simplifies the way customers find and hire service professionals for their home.

In the past two years, ServisHero, which started as a quote aggregation platform has expanded across Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, recruiting over 5,000 service providers and transacting tens of thousands of jobs every month.

Moving to the next level

ServisHero has enhanced their product with an extra way to hire trusted professionals.

In addition to being able to compare quotes from several providers, instant booking and payment will be available via ServisHero Direct for some of the more popular services, starting with cleaning and the AC servicing.

Accessible both on web and app, ServisHero Direct is distinct in that it matches users with service professionals instantly. With secure online payment solutions, customers can not only be assured of fixed prices set by experienced professionals, but also financial safety and security during the transaction.

Moving forward, customers are also protected from the risk of damages and theft that may occur during the job.

Through its insurance partner Allianz, customers are protected with insurance coverage up to RM100,000 for all jobs booked and hired via ServisHero.

ServisHero Direct promises 100% service guarantee and eliminates the back and forth previously present in finding and hiring a service professional in Southeast Asia.

With a new and improved app and web interface, all a client has to do is explain what they need, and a professional will get the job done.

“We are pleased to be a market leader in the local services space and proud to be the first major local services marketplace to offer multiple modes of hiring local service providers. We look forward to continuously innovating and providing features based on what our users want” says ServisHero co-founder and CEO Karl Loo.

Servis Hero2

What’s new?

1. Instant Booking

Instead of comparing quotes from multiple professionals - ServisHero Direct will provide fair fixed prices for select services. Once a customer inputs necessary details such as the time and place for the job, ServisHero will instantly match them with a trusted professional.

2. Online Payment

With better job management technology comes secure online payment portals. ServisHero Direct lets customers make payments for the jobs they book straightaway. Cashless payments can be made using credit/debit card, via bank transfers, and also Over the Counter. Payment will only be released to the service professional once the job has been completed to the customer’s satisfaction.

3. Insurance coverage

If an accident occurs during job, the cost for the reimbursement is borne by ServisHero. Minimise the risk of damages, theft or personal injury for jobs booked and paid for via the ServisHero platform. ServisHero Direct provides insurance coverage up to a value of RM100,000.

4. Fixed Prices

ServisHero will offer fair and standardised prices for select services (starting with cleaning and then AC servicing), so that customers don’t have to negotiate every single time. Prices have been set in consultation with experienced professionals, and are aligned with market standards and service offerings.

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