Frequently Asked Questions

How do you work with clients?

We provide our clients with dedicated agile development teams. The team is essentially our client’s tech department, or an extension of it. We actively participate in all the usual sprint activities including daily stand-ups, sprint planning and grooming session, retrospectives, and demo days. We are very proactive and push progress together with the client, and quite often, we are the ones setting the rapid pace of development.

Do you do project-based engagements?

We strictly stick to agile development practices, and specifically scrum methodology.

How fast can you get my dedicated team in place?

It may take up to 2 weeks to onboard a core team of 3 to 5 developers, and an additional week or 2 for remaining team members. For very large teams, more time may be required, although we’ve been able to accommodate the onboarding of 20 engineers within 1 month.

Who is our point of contact?

Since we are practicing scrum, you would be potentially be communicating with all team members. If needed, we could arrange for the scrum master, dev manager, and/or the product owner to handle primary coordination between you and the dedicated team.

Can I change my team members?

Yes, it is possible to change your team’s composition and size with a minimum notice period.

How long do clients work with you?

Our mid and larger clients work with us for many years. Their dedicated Imaginato engineering teams become a critical part of their business, and we feel ownership of the tech just as deeply as the client does.

What’s the difference between Imaginato and traditional IT outsourcing firms?

Outsourcing firms take fixed specifications and try to churn it out as-defined. Rarely does that work out since specifications are rarely defined clearly enough, and the developers are disconnected from the client’s business and have minimal context. Imaginato is a true development partner with extensive, live platform-scaling experience. We care about product-market fit, optimizing for time-to-value, engagement, retention, and conversion. We firefight live issues and provide solutions to complex problems.

Can my dedicated team speak English?

Our entire team can communicate in written English which is probably over 80% of how communication normally occurs (Slack, Jira, etc.) All leads and seniors can speak and understand English.

Can I interview my team members first?

Yes, we encourage clients to first interview their team members first to ensure a good fit.

Can my dedicated team members also support operations team’s tech needs?

Your dedicated team is fully able to support business wherever possible. They are no different than an in-house developer.

Isn’t it difficult to work with a remote development team?

We’ve been successfully supporting businesses remotely for over 7 years, and our dedicated teams have proven that working with us can be at least as effective as having an in-house tech team.

Do I need a CTO or project manager locally to coordinate with your team?

Depending on the complexity and scale of the platform, we recommend either having your tech lead work with us, or having one of our leads be involved.

What if we have problems after hours?

It’s possible to establish a rotating, on-call support schedule depending on the composition of the dedicated team.

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