Manage Entire
Agile Service

Whether it’s just apps or the entire platform, we can manage it all.

10x Team, fast

Get an Imaginato-managed product co-development team in place in weeks, not months.

Accelerated go-to-market

Our mastery of LEAN and Agile methodologies helps your engineering team give your users what they want faster.

Product Strategy

Our experienced Product Management team works with your stakeholders to define product strategy and build a roadmap to achieve business KPIs.


Our BI team provides continuous product and business insights to help drive product optimization and KPI growth.

Battle-tested platform scaling

Whether it’s 10,000 MAU or 20 million MAU, your dedicated co-development team can bring critical architecture and infrastructure know-how to help support your business growth.

How It Works



Our team works closely with you and your team to understand product objectives, priorities, and to develop short and long term development roadmaps:

  • Product strategy alignment
  • Product management process alignment
  • Understanding product and technical objectives
  • Product priorities and roadmap development
  • Understand product performance
  • Customer feedback



Our product owners work with your business stakeholders to develop user stories and other requirements for upcoming sprints:

  • Order, product, user state workflows
  • Business rule workflows
  • Transaction workflow
  • 3rd party system integrations
  • Internal system integrations
  • Customer journey storyboards
  • User stories
  • Comms messaging sequencing
  • Feature requirements
  • Event tracking taxonomy



User stories are broken down into issues, which are then prioritized into sprints:

  • Sprint board and workflow configuration
  • Daily standups
  • Architecture reviews
  • Technical story writing
  • Coding
  • Code reviews
  • Unit testing
  • Development testing
  • UI Pixel-level review
  • Retrospective



Data-driven learnings are combined with overall goals to optimize features for upcoming sprints

  • Funnel analysis and optimization
  • Loop analysis and optimization
  • Data analysis
  • UI/UX audit
  • Feature prioritization
  • Backlog grooming
  • Design sprints


Top 5 Apps

18 months

Average Engagement

12 engineers

Average Team Size

US$67 million

Supported fundraising amount

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