A groundbreaking platform that that aims to transform the software developer vetting process.


ChainXP revolutionizes the process of software developer vetting, using proprietary and state-of-the-art technology to match companies with high-quality, skill-appropriate programmers based on their specific needs. ChainXP offers on-chain solutions to store developer data and ensure its veracity, providing an added layer of trust and transparency to the process.

The Challenge

Companies often grapple with guaranteeing the authenticity of a developer’s credentials as well as ensuring that the developer is a good fit for a particular role.

The Solution

ChainXP introduces a novel approach to tackling thischallenge. It rewards developers with collectible XP tokens for every verified experience,incentivizing them to consistently enhance their skills. At the same time, theplatform continuously enhances its matching algorithm to provide companies withthe right type of developers they need. Together with the assurance of dataauthenticity with on-chain storage, ChainXP establishes itself as a leader inmatching quality software developers with companies.

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