CrowdServe pioneers Web3 event production and offers an advanced NFT ticketing API, seamlessly merging traditional and decentralized realms for exceptional event experiences.


CrowdServe is a pioneering Web3 event production firm that is dedicated to assisting Web3 projects and companies in crafting distinctive experiences. Alongside event curation, they offer an advanced NFT ticketing API that allows web2 ticketing platforms to seamlessly generate NFT-based tickets, merging the best of traditional and decentralized realms.

The Challenge

As Blockchain technology is a complex domain, CrowdServe encountered several intricate challenges during their integration efforts. This included determining the most suitable blockchain framework to adopt, keeping in mind factors like scalability and security.

The Solution

Imaginato assembled a specialized team that included a product manager along with developers who specialise in blockchain technology. The team conducted a thorough analysis of of CrowdServe’s specific needs and objectives in order to recommend the most suitable blockchain framework for their platform. A clear integration strategy was also outlined, and changes were made rapidly after every sprint. To date, CrowdServe has seen a 5x increase in its user engagement and has hosted a total of 157 events.

Key Screens

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The Back-office System

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After a focused period of collaboration, working on getting the optimal blockchain framework and refining their website, CrowdServe experienced a remarkable uptick in growth, culminating in the successful orchestration of 157 events till date.

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