An Innovative blockchain-based ecosystem that aims to revolutionize the relationship between artists, fans, and sponsors by creating a self-sustaining cycle that ensures all parties benefit.


FanUp leverages blockchain technology to establish a transparent and secure platform for artists and sponsors, creating a self-sustaining cycle that ensures all parties benefit. Artists can engage with fans through various activities, gain insights into their preferences, and connect with sponsors. Sponsors can identify suitable artists for their brand and provide support, resulting in mutual benefits - increased brand awareness for sponsors and support for artists.

The Challenge

Blockchain technology is a complex domain, and acquiring the appropriate technical expertise for platform development was a challenging endeavour for FanUp.

The Solution

By adopting a sophisticated approach at the product design level, Imaginato's developers were able to provide strategic guidance on the allocation of gas fees during events and devising methods for making web3 elements accessible to a broader audience. Through prioritizing user-friendly design and intuitive interfaces, we facilitated a seamless onboarding experience for users, enabling FanUp to swiftly leverage the platform's capabilities.

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