Partnering to build the world’s most innovative AI-driven Founder-Investor matchmaking platform


Fundsup ( is an A.I. boosted matchmaking platform that connects founders, investors and enterprises. The fast, fun, and friendly user interface of the application matches investors with high quality founders of young companies that could lead to investment deals. For investors, the platform offers unique company info such as previous investments, valuation, traction, business KPI’s and extreme relevant team info such as personality insights from company founders.

The Challenge

Fundsup partnered with Imaginato to build a web portal and native mobile apps that would incorporate unique scoring algorithms and integrated deep-learning techniques. The web portal needed to be easy to use and intuitive for both founders and investors while the app needed to function as an innovative tool for investors to discover new startups.

The Solution

Imaginato launched a suite of cutting-edge web and mobile apps for startup founders and investors, helping Fundsup to become a leading Startup-VC connector platform in Europe. We’ve continued to optimize the platform and apps for higher engagement and revenue generation through in-app purchases of monthly subscriptions.

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